Friday, February 15, 2013

Eventful Friday: Galloway Bat Mitzvah

Check out this wildly awesome Bat Mitzvah at Century Center this past weekend. Club Anne was decked out from the ceiling to floor in zebra lights and hot pink "red carpet." Neon Pink and Green centerpieces adorned all the tables making this "club" Saturday Night's hot spot for VIP guests only!

Venue: Century Center
Photography: Mind Storm Digital, Jeff Peterson
Design + Floral + Coordinating: Merry Me Events

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wynne June 29, 2012

Becky and Tim expressed a vision to be one of comfortable elegance, modern in style but classic in design. The Wedding ceremony was held at  Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame and the reception was held at the Gillespie at The Hilton Garden INN

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Demas

Happy You, Merry Me! 
 Ceremony:Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame  
Venue: Gillespie at The Hilton Garden INN
Photography: Matthew Whitlock
Floral + Design + Coordinating: Merry Me Events

Monday, February 11, 2013

Merry Monday: Pic Flips

First, it might help to explain what a flip book is.  Think back to the days when you began doodling on the side of your notebook.  One page of a ball bouncing...the next of the ball slightly lower on the page....then hitting the ground....the next page bouncing a little higher.  This went on for a while until you flipped the pages back and watched the ball bounce up and down via animation. 

The flip book has deep roots - first coming on the scene in September of 1868, when a British printer by the name of John Barnes Linnet patented the form of animation under the name kineograph, or "moving picture."  Fast forward and some people might remember seeing this version of the flip book in penny arcades and amusement parks.  Flip books have long been used by advertisers and marketers - from prizes in Cracker Jack boxes in the early 1900's to novelty giveaways for automobile and snack food companies in the 1960's-70's.

So, what is PicFlips, you ask?  Simply put, PicFlips is a way to bring your parties to life with the newest craze in customized party favors.  How?  We set up a display in a 10'x10' area at a party or event and invite guests to step behind the camera and make a short video clip.  In less than 90 seconds, the video clip is transformed into a personalized flip book while partygoers watch.  It creates a buzz as your guests interact with each other and laugh at the entertaining skits, while giving each other creative ideas.  PicFlips averages 45-50 flipbooks per hour and is versatile enough to fit into any party setting, from casual to couture.  
Added entertainment - custom party favors - captured memories!

Please contact Merry Me Events for more information on booking pic flips at your next event! 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

Merry Monday: Trends for the 2013 Groom

This week it's all about what's hot for Grooms in 2013, here are the top 5 trends that are topping charts  this year!

1. Bourbon Bars: an entire bar dedicated to their favorite bourbon or scotch, you are  sure to hear "neat" or "on the rocks" at weddings this year! 

2. Socks that make a statement: Fun socks that show of the personality of the groom or groomsmen, what a great understated way to add some fun (and color) to your bridal party! 

Socks available : Arthur George, Neiman Marcus

3. Pinning Grooms : Pinterest is not for just brides anymore, guys are getting in on the action as well, so don't be surprised if the guys pull out a few of their favorite ideas at your next planning session! 

4.Co-ed Bachelor (ette) Parties: It really only makes sense, you are getting married to one another so  why not have a fun night out with all your friends in celebration of your up coming "I Do's?"

5. Male Engagement Rings- Love the idea that shows he is taken too, guys wearing a ring to symbolize their upcoming commitment is a great trend that we hope sticks around for years to come! 

Adapted from the article written by Chris Easter for the Man Registry, posted on Huffington Post

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Merry Monday on Tuesday...TSE: A week in review

Ok, so I missed Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day to all... but Wow! I think we're all trying to come back to reality after a week filled with great ideas and inspiration.

My goal in the coming weeks is to capture some of our favorite things we experienced and share them through our blog. Of course if you are a Merry Me bride, we had you in mind as we were there and can't wait to create your design demo to share those personalized and individual ideas with you.

So a blog without photos doesn't quite have the punch I'm hoping for... so... I'll also be posting some random photos of what we saw and give you a sneak peak inside The Special Event Show

Day 1:
Our team experienced shopping on Michigan Avenue and later, dinner at "Paris Club". What a great way to kick off the event! A chance to get away for a fun team building time together. We love hanging out with one another.. laughing, sharing stories and making memories. I love our team. Our personalities are contagious and I can't wait for you to have the opportunity to work with us one on one!

Two from our team were part of 'Hands on Hundred' which gave them a back stage pass  on set up for some of the featured events. They helped with the opening night party as well as the wedding event. They were in awe of the extravagance of these events and were proud to take part in the execution of these events. Glad they experienced it!

Because several of our brides this year are from the Chicago area, Day 1 also gave us the opportunity to meet with a couple we're working with for their May wedding. We wanted to let them know that as we walked the trade show floor, we'd have their design in mind. How fun is a Rock-Star theme wedding? Well, we can't wait to share our "heavy-metal" vision for this upscale Dance-club celebration!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Merry Monday: Ready... Set... Educate!

Today I'm taking my team to Chicago for a week of fabulous ideas and new found inspiration. We're headed to The Special Event Show to learn from some of the most admired and successful event geniuses of our industry. This annual event usually takes place somewhere warmer than the northern Midwest region. Over the years I've attended the same show held in San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlanta and Houston... but this year it's so close to home we're all going!

2 in our team will be doing the Hands on Hundred program to help set up the many events taking place. They'll get a first look and hands on experience, behind the scenes. I'm excited for them to grow and develop their skills by learning from some of the best!

Our Lead Coordinators will join me for education in areas such as:
Design and Floral
Wedding Trends
Event Management
Event Tools and Resources
and much much more!

Imagine attending a wedding that was designed and set up to impress wedding professionals?! We're going! The Wedding Event is the hottest ticket at the show. For years I have made it a priority to be present at this amazing showcase. I've heard from the likes of Carly Roney (The Knot) and met Darcy Miller (Martha Stewart weddings) the year she spoke. I can't wait to see what's in store for us this year.

The trade show floor opens Wednesday with over 200 vendors ready to share the newest and hottest ideas for the event industry. We'll see old friends, and make new. We've done our homework... if you're signed on with Merry Me to design and produce your event this year, we've got your file and we're looking out specifically with your event in mind.

We're ready to fill our creative tanks and recharge our energy as we launch into 2013!
Be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter all week. We'll all be posting a few of our favorite things.